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How To Create & Scale Your Passive Income to $10k+ and beyond... And Close Deals On DEMAND...

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How To Create & Scale Your Passive Income To $10k+ And Beyond... And Close Deals On DEMAND...

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What You'll Get:

  • The Strategy: You'll learn and see the creative financing strategies that will help you acquire cashflowing rental properties over and over again - creating momentum and speed in scaling your passive income.
  • Raising Private Capital: You'll learn how to fund the down payments using other people's money - even with large apartment buildings. You'll learn where to find these money partners and how to structure the deal with them.
  • Beginners & Experienced: Whether you have never done a deal or you've done a deal or two, you'll learn how to create & scale serious passive income to set you free from your W-2 income - even if you have limited amounts of time available each day. 

Meet The Kwak Brothers

The Kwak Brothers, Sam and Daniel, started as first-generation immigrants and climbed their way to success in the real estate world. They've faced challenges, learned from them, and achieved financial independence.

Using their personal experience, they're dedicated to helping others achieve the same through real estate.

Through the creation of First Deal Mentor, they offer practical strategies and insights, emphasizing the potential of each deal.

For the Kwak Brothers, it's more than just real estate; it's about providing a proven pathway to financial freedom. 

Check Out What Our Students Are Saying...

Check Out What Our Students Are Saying...

Drew acquired 12 units and raised over 1 million dollars before the age of 23.

In just one year of joining our Passive Income Mastery team, Drew has not only acquired twelve apartment units, but he also managed to generate a monthly gross income exceeding $12,000. Through focused effort and leveraging the mentorship and network provided by the program, he has successfully raised over a million dollars in funding all before the age of 23.

Gustavo has closed on multiple properties and raised over $1.3 million.

Before joining Passive Income Mastery, Gustavo and his wife had encountered their fair share of obstacles in real estate. However, their trajectory changed dramatically after they took the leap to join our coaching program. With the program's focused coaching and supportive community, Gustavo gained the confidence and skills to pursue opportunities. He not only successfully completed a fix-and-flip project with another student, netting each a $42,000 profit, but also acquired valuable land through owner financing. Recently, his newfound confidence enabled him to raise an impressive $1.3 million for future investments. For Gustavo, the First Deal Mentor program was more than just education; it was a catalyst for transformative action and long-term success in the real estate market.

Jonathan is on track to owning 100 units within the next five years.

After serving in the military and working as a missionary overseas, Jonathan chose to step into investing in real estate through our coaching program. With the program's support, Jonathan refined his skills, developed a strategic approach to analyzing and selecting deals. Looking ahead, Jonathan has set his sights on owning over 100 units within five years.

Julie closed eight single-family homes in just 18 months.

With her background in property management, Julie was keen to build generational wealth through real estate, a passion that became actionable through our coaching program. In just 18 months under Daniel's guidance, she closed on eight single-family homes. Beyond real estate success, the program has also granted her a robust network of trusted associates and lifelong friendships. For the year ahead, Julie has set ambitious goals, including helping ten other women close their first real estate deals and acquiring at least 50 more units for her own portfolio. For Julie, our coaching program has been about more than just real estate; it's been a lifeline, empowering her to turn obstacles into opportunities for both financial and personal growth.

Bryan closed on 23 doors...

 Melvin closed on 43 doors...

Vance closed on 21 doors...

Kevin closed a 3 unit...

What Some Of Our Other Students Have To Say...

What Some Of Our Others Students Have To Say...

Even More Results...

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